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tv   Headline News  RT  June 20, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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what if the. more civilians a five year old boy among them killed by army shelling in eastern ukraine as the president declares a new peace plan which does not include talks with key anti government figures. iraqi forces are on the brink of losing control of the country's biggest oil refinery to islamist radicals that have reportedly already taken over an airport an advancing on baghdad. a group are set up to fight and to some it is a militant tactics and friends are threatening to kill those who don't share their point of view. and the eagle activists like greenpeace are left to wonder exactly what plans are being used so good natured after the head of the alliance public
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with his conspiracies about plots against the e.u. . we're watching r t international live from moscow this evening you with me to bang up would say we start with the unfolding tragedy in the east of ukraine where locals continue to suffer under a key its crackdown. you were a little too young then doing good not because i didn't think they would be good they didn't know you did you do you know i didn't want to live in the garden i didn't think you wanted to do that those scenes were from the eastern ukrainian city of slovyansk of this is what it looks like after weeks of a tillery in a strikes people are having to deal with water food and polish shortages are his
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roman cause enough is in the region for us and he joins us live romano we've witnessed some understandably emotional scenes coming out of that region tell us what's happening that's right four people have died and one family actually lost two members as a shell flew right into the backyard of a private residence instantly killing a mother and one thing her child the child was taken to the hospital where doctors who worked on him all night said but the head injuries multiple head injuries prevented the doctors from saving his life they discovered thirty shell fragments in his head and he died right on the operating table and i believe we can now hear from the grandmother off this child she is what the statement. you believe thirty in august and in the past despicable people switch off the
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camera. heard moments to get her to the wife or i don't or say look they started shouting i told you to get into the basement immediately she grabbed her son turned around and that's when the shot hit she was no more which. and also seven people were wounded initially and then two of them died in the hospital as a result self that particular shelling meanwhile the fighting continues close to the russian border as well and according to the spokesperson all the russian border guards in the city often over shocked in skin in their will self region shell fell into the into russian territory and injured one of the cost sums officers and damaged a building there as well now a moscow is obviously outraged with what's happening and demands an investigation as well as a problem topology and meanwhile we just heard that the cranium defense ministry
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had already denied that any shooting took place near that territory now the shelling was probably accidental but most go is now really concerned about said the safety of its territory let amir putin spokesperson. to scoff said the president ordered back call for a russian border service and in order to exclude such events from happening in the future not this call for also added that moscow is outraged with accusations that russia is concentrating a lot of forces along its border with ukraine and he also added that it is all views that russia is trying to enforce the border in a very volatile area and of course if the incident that took place today is not the first such incidents a few days ago a personnel carrier from ukraine and surged into a russian territory and that where it got stuck in the mud so these kind of things
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are keep on happening i'm on cost around who's out there in of the eastern region keeping an eye on how things are unfolding then obviously the tragedy that is falling some of those people out there. ukraine's. didn't go has announced a weeklong cease fire as he unveiled his fifteen point peace plan it includes amnesty for those in the east of the country who agrees to lay down arms and haven't committed grevious crimes the creation of a ten kilometers wide buffer zone along the border with russia changes to the constitution guarantee the free and safe use of the russian language the centralization of power to the eastern regions of ukraine and early local and parliamentary elections one of the plans top points is to guarantee safety for all negotiating sides but that will be little to comfort to the leaders of the self-proclaimed republics in the east because poroshenko refuses to hold direct
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talks with any of them. senior lecturer in international relations and security studies at moscow state university things the document is an ultimatum not a peace plan promises that there are guaranteeing for the russian language what they already had before the sports regime seized power and started to try to take away the russian language rights from the people as well this decentralization is not clearly defined but what we have seen so far is that only includes local executive committees but governors would still have the right to be overruled and appointed by kiev so there really is no decentralization. in this agreement and there is no greater protection for russian language than already has existed the intention of the plan is to ensure as swift and as thorough a military victory as possible that is what this document says this document is in
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no way shape or form a peace plan it is an ultimatum and a promise of further military force. for more analysis of the situation in ukraine and the peace plan let's talk to general cilento publisher of the trends journal he joins us live now this is that into what the leaders have rushed to back petro poroshenko is peace plan a would really restore peace in ukraine no of course it wild and let us not forget the western leaders also supported the overthrow of the attic over its government and what that that brain so what they supported is more really instability and unrest so this won't do anything their support really means nothing to the internal conflict it's going to continue as we say it is a any chance the country will review night as one with as president especially after so much bloodshed all the ukraine's you may it remain split for decades to
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come well from what i could read of these so-called steps of this peace plan it's more like a surrender package they're asking the people that oppose the the kieve government to surrender that's what this says is no the word peace is the wrong word to use and it now we as we see it this is going to escalate into a very volatile civil war with the threat of it spreading over the borders if it's not contained at a cause there's there are other underlying factors in here that really add to the instability and that of course is the very weak economy at a time when you also have now as the waiting energy prices due to the instability of what's going on in iraq in the middle east so when you put this combination on top of warring factions you have really
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a recipe for disaster that if it's not quieted rather than inflame wide. both the all of the outside forces this could turn into something that could destabilize not always ukraine and russia but also much of europe actually there was going to be my next question as to you know you speak about the instability in ukraine is that going to be a threat to europe again when you have to add on all the other factors going into this as i said ukraine was already in a severe recession now it's going to go into a depression so you have a lot of angry people with no work and no future for on top of that rising energy crisis prices at a time when they can't even pay the bills that they already have and now this of course is going to affect. europe and you're hearing more and more coming from nato particularly the nato leader and what they have to do in order to quell russia's
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involvement so yes it's going to become much worse i don't see anything from this plan that's going to make it better and again it's merely the terms for a surrender not a movement toward peace carol silence a publisher of the trance a journalist sharing his thoughts on the situation in ukraine as well as that peace plan that mr poroshenko has just released thank you very much. in new york to russia's ambassador to the u.n. has been giving moscow's official view on how to restore peace in ukraine which is where an apartment brings us the details. well regarding the seven day cease fire announced by ukraine's president petro poroshenko russian ambassador to tell you turkey and says it's premature to say whether russia supports the so-called peace plan ukraine's u.n. envoy previously claimed that moscow has already approved plan but mr shurkin insisted that that is not true the russian envoy also expressed skepticism about
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the plan noting that some demands like buffer zone with russia and unconditional disarmament could lead to even more bloodshed he also question the immediate rush by western powers to endorse the plan without even analyzing it insisting that the u.s. and its allies seem eager to back anything coming out of key with respect to the treatment of russian journalists in ukraine mr churkin insisted that they were being treated worse than prisoners of war he reminded the media of the journalists who were captured in may and hauled to keep in secrecy where they were filmed being beaten and bruised the russian ambassador also spoke at length about the u.n. human rights commissioner his report on ukraine charging that it glosses over the government shelling of civilians and was tailored to coincide with kiev's narrative mr churkin insisted that there was no sign of a objectivity in the report and the crackdown in the east of ukraine he says is referred to as attempts to restore law and order and civilian victims are said to be nearly caught in the crossfire he also slammed the un's refusal to acknowledge
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a humanitarian catastrophe in ukraine saying that if about three hundred civilian deaths tens of thousands of refugees and destroyed infrastructure of several towns and villages doesn't warrant to be called a humanitarian catastrophe then what exactly is the lives of all of the ongoing crisis in the ukraine and ukraine as well including a detailed timeline of the. next month and this is all that's and. on the web site of the dot com. they rocky on. over the economic levi told by oil refinery end. a ports report suggests a government forces have been overwhelmed. and surrounded at the refinery in washington says it's dispassion what it calls three hundred military advisors to iraq let's have a listen to what president obama had to say because of our increased intelligence
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resources we're developing more information about potential targets associated with . them going forward we will be prepared to take targeted and precise military action if and when we determine that the situation on the ground requires well to better understand how exactly the u.s. president is planning to help iraq let's listen to our does every month as he takes upon the details of his speech in the latest edition of breaking the said here's a preview of a take on obama's words because he spoke mostly in a vague military jargon you have to listen closely to understand the underlying u.s. response to isis is growing influence while obama insisted no troops would be sent to actually engage in combat he did announce that he would be sending up to three hundred military advisors to the country sounds innocent right unless you consider the fact that so-called military advisors were the original precursors to the us invasion of vietnam but probably the most interesting part about obama's speech was
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his claim that iraq is a sovereign nation that has the right to choose its own leaders seriously when did iraq become a sovereign nation the minute the us and realize that it's of war in the country result in the creation of yet another failed state because see you know western powers have done nothing but violate iraq's autonomy by dismantling its government wanting depleted uranium and white phosphorous attacks and occupied its people for the last decade this is all news to me. the reparative vans of the slumming state in iraq and syria group is a major cause of concern internationally they are targeting the capital baghdad and putting to establish an islamic order in the ruins of a failed state archies gangetic and reports on how iraq could already be falling apart. iraq is on the verge of erupting isis is controlling a predominantly sunni part of the bach shia sphere there further onslaught kurds could split off at any moment a secretary and war is brewing now the government would have to make
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a strategic choice putting the entire army to attack and take back the city and risk a much wider sectarian fights or have this group in control of an area that was a response with all the consequences not just for iraq for the region and for the world i says belongs to a faction of sunni islam committed to the radical fundamentalist convictions that they seek to impose on other muslims their advances have long stopped being just iraq's problem these darker green spots are where the population is predominantly shiite you can see iran is the main shiite power in the region syria is largely sunni but the government of bashar assad is alawite which is a branch of shiite islam isis being an extremist sunni force has managed to advance this far both in syria and iraq because of the support of sunni communities on their way iran wants to help iraq's shia government repel the onslaught of isis an initiative which washington seemingly supports but targeting sunni areas which isis
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controls could create a backlash with other sunni nations getting involved like saudi arabia which show has already warned against foreign intervention there's not going to be a simple military solution to this issue isis is also controlling parts of syria fighting against the government there are outside these problems are intertwined in a really demonic way u.s. politicians have tried to present the conflict in syria as being between those who want democracy and those who don't for many of the crisis in you walk is an eye opener showing how complicated the dynamics in the region really are. going to check on r.t. washington d.c. . or is. numbering around ten thousand fighters the ranks of isis an hour swelling by the day trading with recruits from the west intelligence analysts as the majesty thousand foreigners have signed up with isis so far and britain's foreign minister
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says four hundred of them are believed to be british now the steady flow of fresh recruits is in part thanks to the. online campaign being tarried out by a web server jihad is recruiters and their efforts appear to be bearing fruit here's some twitter users from the u.k. voicing his approval of the isis onslaught in iraq and syria and here's another one this time well from germany i believe there we go hoping the jihad is will claim victory and it's not just in the west the internet supporters of isis come from all across the globe europe the us or asia actually surface has more. far from the front lines in iraq and syria and another battle is being fought in the u.k. this week banned isis making it an offense to be a member of the group but the organization is still enjoying a wave of online european support dubbed by some the isis fanboys
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well i've been speaking to some of the isis supporters online and i vs one social media why supporting isis despite the reported killings and he's applied for me that he. has come the closest yet to establishing an islamic caliphate why do you think isis holds such appeal for some of the people back home and i think. if you were to use this overused word and it's made terrorism six places more of a threat the ones that have actually gone to trouble they're going to come back all the people here in the u.k. when he went to the trouble to be identifying with. the two constituencies important for. which has existed ever since nine eleven so in a way that constituency has always been that it's possible that they'll be more encouraged by. what's happened in syria and become more active not as
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a direct result of so but they just feel they're on the sort of wave of islam isolation of the world and then you've got the people who actually come back and who can spread who can become recruit first and that's a really dangerous thing that's a meeting is a national security council this week prime minister david cameron said the government was doing all it could stream to address the threat posed by foreign fighters including interviewing individuals if you take orders canceling all with touring u.k. passports and introducing new measures to prosecute days he planned to train. or is that a rule. for should be united states and its allies have known about isis and their activities and the danger they pose for a few years why haven't you stopped these groups from leverage why do you allow these groups to get stronger and stronger why do you allow certain countries to support them financially why do you allow foreign fighters to get into the last
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estimate the number of british fighters abroad at four hundred and growing professor griffin tells r.t. the government now desperately needs to strengthen its response to some of the most precious people coming by people who pretty disillusioned by what's happened. and who can produce a counter narrative of people. seen them killing an explosion does to a baby and comes back intent on stopping it that other side of the story could be more crucial than ever much of the british population watches in horror the grisly images of some of the killings taking place in iraq at the hands of isis fighters but to its european supporters ice this is not the enemy the west is certain. reporting from london one is coming your way after the break including
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a look at why do is extreme as in france have been thrown behind bars. they all told me my language or what i will only react to situations i have read the reports first so i am like no please no i will leave them to stapling to comment on your latter point of the month to save the exists or k.l. a car is on the docket no god. they kill no more weasel words when you have a direct question simply prepared for a change in the bunch be ready for a. printout of speech and let him down the freedom to cost. dramas the chance to be ignored to. stories others refuse
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to notice. the faces changing the world lights never. a full picture of today's lives. on demand from around the globe. local. t.v. . this is a key international conspiracy theory put forward by the head of nato has left the eco warriors a greenpeace to question whether he might have a love of certain plants in self interest or for breast with sun the suggested russia is plotting with environmental groups in europe to campaign against fracking it believes the move is aimed at forcing them to buy gas from moscow that left a greenpeace spokesperson to wonder quote what they've been smoking over at the nato headquarters nato deployed its own a p.r.
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people pretty swiftly to point out restless and was only expressing his personal views general as john white says even for the alliance the words of the secretary general were too extreme. well i mean. one of the chief requirements for being the secretary general was that you have to be a lunatic that either there's a crisis which then leads to the fear in the hierarchy or they realize that mr rasmussen screams scream but they have to distance themselves i think it's a combination of you figure mr muir seems very. short of being able to control your position. i don't think you suitable for the job. and the sentiments you express the next three pages are. not going to last because you. want to know what r.t. dot com of the rise of female bosses in russia and international business shows
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russia has the world's highest proportion of women in top management positions at forty three percent which is double the average figure for western companies. also on our website and find out who's been aiding and abetting the n.s.a. edward snowden has the lead to new documents showing the u.s. spy agency struck secret deals with thirty countries giving it complementary to monitor their web uses. to members of a right wing vigilante group or the jewish defense league have been sentenced to ten and six months in jail in france they were found guilty of threatening a journalist who was investigating the group's actions the j d l claims to be fighting anti semitism has become notorious for its extreme methods as marina cost reports. the early. they have a strong following i mix neither of us as only we are here present we are jews
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number one cruel we are well trained well equipped we're not afraid and we should be more afraid of us than we are the jewish defense league claims its goal is to protect the jewish. from hatred and anti-semitism but some jews accuse it of doing the very same thing it's meant to be fighting against and these people say the organization is not protecting anyone but it's liking those who don't share the same views and opinions jonathan mol adopted claims he felt the wrath of the league when he started researching them in paris i exposed with my friends some. felony crazy for doing this job in september two thousand and twelve my car of been bombed by. an old bomb i received death threats and a couple months ago i went to cover a protest against anti-semitism rican ice me and there were like fifteen people jumping on me break a my camera and. beating me up on the ground what is being done to prevent this
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from happening again what is the police doing at one point intervened and took me out of the protest and i told them there were many of them on the place so i told them why don't you a resident oh you would do anything you do creates a riot the jewish defense league is an international right wing organization even though it's considered a terrorist group by the f.b.i. it's completely legal and countries like canada and france where it has around three hundred members. creases present of course but it's not everywhere so we have to do what they are capable of doing correctly from attacking left wing students propose to me in groups and even writers at their own book launches the league has been accused of being behind a string of violence but the victims say the police have no interest in investigating and accuse them of willful and action. is a pretty strong in the police we know there are some people the will to do their job but at some point you have people in here that are blocking the fight and when
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those people go on trial the judges most of the time they're being they're being lenient in two thousand and four a documentary actually filmed two members of the drug. d.l. training in an official building that was being leased by the police if the police are guarding them or training them the league had no desire to talk to us when we contacted them about their complicity he speaks through it so. do not get in our way because will hurt you very very very badly various local movements in and see racism activists have called for the group to be banned the french authorities have ignored those calls and those who feel victimized by the group are left looking over their shoulder arenacross survive reports in from paris forty. the jewish defense league burst onto the scene several years ago after an end to symmetric scandal involving the british fashion designer john galliano was caught on camera in a paris cafe expressing his love for hitler and insulting to women he believed to be
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jewish the group responded by targeting the premises and covering it in posters labeling an enemy of both israel and france so more international headlines now. have been violent protests in sao paolo one of brazil's current world cup host cities the marshes and meant for you public transport started slowly but reportedly turned violent when a local on i.q. joined to the demonstration protestors started to smash bangs and car dealerships and police responded with tear gas. at least sixteen people have died after heavy rain and floods head north eastern area with many others still missing water swept through parts of the resort city of violin are taking cars with that electricity has been cut off and rescue teams have brought in dozens of
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temporary shelters one month's worth of rain fell in just twenty four hours and is expected to continue. up next to aids across town here on r t stay with us. engine it's what you do next vulgarize ation of darwin science punishment for an on committed crying i was there are laws to learn from being innately feeble minded still today of you i don't know why lola but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi.


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